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After years of putting off learning to drive I bit the bullet and signed up for lessons with Shire Oak. My instructor Joe was fantastic, calm, patient and encouraging throughout my lessons. Joe was always punctual when picking me up for my lessons each week and was always happy to work around my schedule when booking lessons.

He made me feel comfortable from the moment I stepped into the car and made a daunting task feel just a little bit easier. His feedback was always straight to the point and he provided me with lots of short-term goals that improved my skills as a novice driver every lesson.

When it came time to take my test, he was superb at calming any nerves and ensured that all aspects of the test were covered in great depth. Most importantly, I felt ready and comfortable when my test day arrived thanks to Joe’s teaching.

If you’re thinking about beginning to learn to drive, Joe is your man! He also has a great sense of humour, which helped when I made a mistake.
Big big thanks to Jon Jones for helping me pass my test.
I would definitely recommend Jon to anyone thinking of learning to drive. He's a great instructor, patient and very knowledgable.
So what we had were some laughs along the way too .
Massive shout out to Sean Walsh.
Sean got me to a point where I was confident and was able to pass by test first time with 3 minors.
Excellent instructor and a top bloke.
Shoutout to Anthony Moore who helped me to pass my driving test first time. Lovely guy and great instructor. Highly recommend!
Thank you so much to Jon Jones for everything he had done for me to help pass my test. A great instructor and very patient. Would highly recommend to friends.
Massive thank you to Andrew Bancroft who helped me pass my test today 1st time. He's been patient with me through out and is a lovely guy. Will be recommending him to friends. Thank you!
Huge thank you to Jon Jones who helped me pass my test at Horsforth. To say im over the moon is an understatement, I never thought id hear those words 'Im pleased to say you've passed' ever!!! But Jon is a fabulous instructor, so patient and we had some laughs along the way. Thank you for everything :-)
Just want to say a big Thank You to Andrew Bancroft. Today I passed my test with only 3 minors. This was my 3rd time due to silly mistakes previously but Andrew has helped me so much and was helpful and patient even on my bad days. He kept pushing me and telling me I could do it and I have!!

I am so grateful and would recommend him to everyone,

thank you!! :D
I just want to say a massive thank you to Sean Walsh for his amazing approach to teaching me how to drive. I started in May this year having never driven a car before, and passed first time today - all because of his calm and helpful mentality. There was never a negative tone in his voice, even if things went pear shaped on the road, he was always helpful. Great sense of humour also, which made everything seem so much more personal (it helps we have the same tastes in music too!). Already booked my motorway lesson with him, and I'm looking forward to it immensely. I cannot recommend him highly enough - fantastic instructor. Thank you very, very much!!!
A massive thank you to andrew bancroft for teaching me how to drive since December and I have today passed my driving test first time I would highly recommend Andrew bancroft for driving lessons he is so patient and calm and is a great teacher thank you so much for everything
I just want to say a massive thank you to CHARLOTTE MARKHAM for helping me to pass my test FIRST TIME on Monday!!!!!

I cannot recommend her highly enough. I had 90min lessons every week where she would turn up on time without fail. I was in the driving seat from the first lesson, getting the most out of every minute in the car. I started in November 2015 and had no car of my own to practice in and was busy at university so I was worried I might not pass first time and that it would take forever to get to test standard. But with Charlotte's calm and excellent teaching and flexible working hours I passed the driving theory in February and my practical test this week! I never felt pressured to take the test too early and neither did she string out the lessons to get extra cash; she was just as keen as I was to take the test sooner rather than later but only when I felt ready (i.e. after my finals exams!)!

Every lesson was fun and focused on learning and improving with no wasted time; bringing even my dreaded parallel park up to snuff in time! Her advice and knowledge of the test routes was invaluable to passing as we had practiced many of the difficult roads and roundabouts I took on my test!

If you're looking for someone who is consistently calm and challenges your abilities without piling on the pressure then look no further! I feel like a calm and confident driver thanks to her.

Thank you very much Charlotte and Shire Oak! I have already recommended you to family and friends!
I passed my test first time yesterday thanks to Charlotte. She was very patient and encouraging and really helped me build up my confidence as a driver (even on roundabouts!). Would really recommend her highly as an instructor.

I want to say a massive thank you for Shire Oak Driving School, especially to my instructor KAREN DOUGLAS!! Despite the fact that English is not my first language and people drive very differently in England (I'm from Indonesia), Karen demystified all aspects of safe and responsible driving in UK without making me feel patronised, which was brilliant! What's brilliant about Karen is the fact that she was able to quickly recognise my 'driving style' and tailor the course to meet my style with useful tips and tricks.

I passed my test the first time in Sheffield Test Centre (yes, she was even willing to pick me up in Chapel Allerton at 7 and drove me to Sheffield for the test!) and had no problem even though I am not familiar with Sheffield roads and the tram system there! Karen covered everything I needed and her mock practical driving test was spot on. Therefore, I could avoid making the same mistakes during the test.

Highly recommended! Thanks, Shire Oak! Thanks, Karen!
Have been meaning to do this for ages.
Wanted to say a massive thanks to Charlotte Payne was a brilliant instructor who helped an older person pass their test....
Thanks Charlotte could not have done it without you
Having passed my test first time today I just want to say a big thank you to my instructor Charlotte Payne! Charlotte was extremely patient and an excellent teacher, highly recommended! :)
I passed my test last month after having lessons with Andrew Bancroft since June, highly recommended and a very patient and helpful instructor, I was very nervous about beginning my lessons and he put me at ease right away! Very professional and reliable, would recommend to all! :-)
Having passed my test with Anthony Moore I cant thank him enough. He was extremely professional and makes you feel completely at ease from the first moment you jump into the car. I Would recommend Anthony to anyone especially those out there who like my self have had bad driving lesson experiences in the past. An absolute Gem of a bloke and will have you tearing up those L plates in no time :-)
Thanks to Carol Holland I passed my driving test last week (only 6 minors), after just over 6 months of lessons. Still can't quite believe it! A patient and encouraging instructor with lots of amusing stories, would definitely recommend her.
I was recommended Anthony by a friend , and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor ! Straight away I was driving around there was no messing about sat by the road talking about the car rather than using it. Always felt comfortable, made you feel at ease even when you made a mistake ! Never knew someone could have so much patience haha ...always on time ! Not once was I let down. Hands down the best driving instructor and I would definitely recommend Anthony to anyone I come across wanting to learn how to drive !!

Cheers for everything again mate !
Kane Mein
Massive thanks to Anthony Moore for teaching me to drive! It's fair to say I'm not a natural driver but he managed to have me driving and passing my test in no time. I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone who is thinking of taking lessons to seek this chap out. Explains things clearly, has the patience to make sure you're comfortable with what you're doing but makes sure you progress quickly and safely. Overall is a really sound bloke, mint teacher, and certainly goes beyond to try to help you out. Sincerely recommend!!
Highly recommend Anthony more and also a big thanks for teaching me!! Best driving instructor I've had made me feel at ease! Made me pass first time so can make anyone pass first time!!! Always patient calm and the best to learn from!! Thanks a lot will carry on giving ur number out! X
Today was a big day for me which would'nt have been possible with out the guidance and help from Anthony Moore, I have tried other instructors and found that they were no good and have a lack of interest. Anthony has seen my weaknesses with driving and has been patient and so understanding, guiding me through it all. He is a assest to shire oak. ill be sure as hell recommending him to my family and friends as a sure thing to passing
Before starting driving lessons with Joe, I was apprehensive as it was a whole new experience for me.

With Joe's experience and thorough communication, I was able to pick up skills that would have taken me much longer to develop as a result of his techniques.

He was able to alter lessons to adapt to my demands, and customise exercises to fit to my particular situation.

The overall service I received from Shire Oak was excellent, and would recommend having Joe as an instructor, along with his high tolerance levels and humour, he taught me well enough for me to pass my test FIRST TIME with only 4 minors.

Be a lemming, and follow my lead ...
Had a great time learning to drive again after a few years off and managed to pass 1st time with Anthony! Very patient and calm and I really enjoyed each lesson. I would recommend to anyone!
Passed my test last week first time with 4 minors thanks to Anthony Moore. Started in June and he managed to see me twice a week to get me passed over summer. Anthony was very patient, calm and tries to make you a good driver, rather than just good enough to scrape a pass. I would highly recommend shire oak!
A big thank you to Anthony Moore who helped me pass my test this morning for the first time with 6 minors. Anthony is a great instructor who is patient, funny and provided very memorable rhymes to make unpredictable situations easier to handle. Hence, I would highly recommend him especially if you only had a few months to pass like myself.
I learnt to drive with Shire Oak Driving school last year and had a great experience. I rang up looking for lessons and had my first one with my instructor Anthony Moore a few days later. Anthony was a great driving instructor, calm, funny and knew his stuff - the perfect mix! Not only did Anthony have the patience of a saint he knew exactly how to build my confidence in driving. I couldn't recommend Anthony and shire oak enough, thanks guys!
A Massive Thank You to Anthony Moore, I was an absolutely rubbish driver and a bad listen, Anthony soon got me sorted out! Not many driving instructors will have put up with me so Thank You Anthony, you're the best!
My Instructor was Anthony Moore, I just wanted to say that I wasn't exactly the easiest person to teach but Anthony soon got me sorted out, I passed in just over a year, If you're thinking about getting lessons from Shire Oak then I would highly recommend Anthony Moore!
Anthony Moore was an amazing teacher. I was very nervous as I'd previously had a bad experience with another driving school. Anthony was always patient, funny and had good teaching techniques to help me remember not to do certain things! I passed with only 4 minors and would definitely recommend him to anybody!
My instructor was Anthony Moore and he passed me first time! He was so down to earth and genuine with his teaching - he pushed and progressed me quickly and it definitely was worth every penny. It was also great to be able to have a laugh whilst learning to drive (slightly gutted to not have that hour a week anymore haha) I would and have recommended him to anyone I know who's wanting to learn to drive...5 star teaching!
Passed with one minor thanks the excellent help received by Anthony Moore. Anthony was really easy to get along with and always had little 'catchphrases' that are still stuck in my head now which are a massive help. He also knew the right time to slow down and speed up the learning based on how I was doing. I don't regret one minute of it and would recommend Anthony to anyone and everyone!!
I highly recommend and have recommended to friends and family shire oak driving school particularly Anthony Moore who was my instructor, great lad, great sense of humour and made me feel very relaxed as I was a very nervous first timer! From start to finish it took me 4 months and passed first time with only 3 minors I never thought I would drive a car but down to shire oak and In particular Anthony Moore I now have a new lease of life that I am truly greatful and often find myself smiling behind the wheel!!! Thank you for an all round fantastic service.
Agron Thaci, what can i say....the man is a Pure Genius!

Absent from driving for 9 years I was petrified but learning new things was made easy with Agron.

Making me feel relaxed from the first lesson to the last his teaching was thorough, informative and also good fun. Easy to get a long with this brilliant teacher was a 'confidence booster' beliving in me all the way. If you're thinking about learning to drive, Agron Thaci is the Tutor / person you want to teach you.

Thank you very much Agron! :-)
A big thank you to Joe Trapnell who gave me lots of guidance and laughs in my lessons. I passed first time thanks to his thorough and helpful approach!
I would like to say a big thank you to Charlotte,who got me through my driving test. Charlotte is very patient and very clear of what do to when learning how to drive. Thank you for making the lessons feel fun and at ease. Also thank you for your flexibility,and fitting in lessons as and when. I would highly recomend Charlotte as an instructor and shire oak when looking to start lessons.
Thanks again for everything. X :)
Well... In just under 10 weeks I passed my driving test, first time this morning with CHARLOTTE PAYNE! She has been an absolute star on my journey to success! I want to thank you for all your patience and flexibility! And for making our lessons such a laugh! Keep up the good work! Anyone wanting to pass, i highly recommend Charlotte. Thanks again x
Had Graham for pontefract test center. Absolutely fabulous instructor, passed first time 0 minors!
I would definitely recommend Anthony Moore as a driving instructor! I passed my test first time with 4 minors thanks to him.

Not only was he a brilliant teacher, he was easy to get along with and always made me feel relaxed and confident when learning new things. His little sayings were useful and amusing! "If you don't know, don't go", "steer then gear" and my personal favourite "one, two, buckle my shoe", trust me, they do help!

If you're thinking about learning to drive, Anthony is the person you want to teach you.
CHARLOTTE PAYNE made it possible for me to pass 1st time, only 3 months & 2 days from my 1st ever driving lesson. She was patient, managed my expectations of myself & gave clear instruction. She never got frustrated when I asked the same questions over and over (I need to be told things 37 times before they sink in!) When I made mistakes, she was constructive & made sure I didn't lose confidence. Her lessons were loads of fun & taken at a pace that I felt comfortable with, but that still worked with my tight deadline of having to learn within 4 months for a conditional job offer I had received. She is an absolute star and I would recommend her until the cows come home. If you want to learn and actually look forward to your lessons, go for Charlotte Payne!
I passed last year (March) after lessons with Andrew Bancroft.
I had lessons about 10yrs ago, but started lessons again last Sept with Andrew.
I really didn't think I would pass 1st time, so very chuffed with myself when I did.
Very patient and really nice guy.
Highly recommended.
Thanks Andrew.
I passed my driving test this morning (FIRST TIME with only 3 minors!!) - what an excellent instructor Mark Haigh is! I genuinely enjoyed all of my lessons with Mark, from the first to the last.
He was always in a great mood, which helped me when i`d had a stressful day and not in the mood for driving! I found him to be highly professional, but was at the same time great at putting me at ease and made me feel like driving lessons were fun, not taxing.
He was always very patient and never tired of me stalling on kirkstall lane!! His instructions were clear, and he was careful to be constructive - not critical - about my driving performance.
I cannot speak highly enough of him and had to let you know what a fantastic job he does. I will always recommend Shire Oak to anyone!
Just want to say a massive thank you to Jon Jones for helping me pass my test today with only 3 minors. Patience of a saint specially when it come to reversing round a corner which i hated. Definally recommed to any one who is thinking about doing there driving lessons, he's a great driving instructor :)
I'd just like 2 say a big thanks to Ryan snaith, for getting me through my test (1st time) he has handy hints that makes things simpler & he's very patient. I would recommend Ryan & Shire oak
Just want to say a big thanks to Anthony Moore who helped me to pass my test today first time with 2 minors. Great instructor who teaches handy techniques to help you with manuveurs and general driving. Recommend him to anyone :D
Just like to Thank Ian Milner, Today i passed my driving test 1st time!! Highly recommended instructor, Just listen to what he teaches you and you will not fail! Very very happy to have him as my instructor
I would like to say a big thank you to my driving instructor Ryan Snaith for getting me confident enough towards my test but moreover with the driving in general.
He's a fantastic instructor who is very patient. I started with no experience at all and he made me feel really comfortable. Would defoz recommend Ryan to others. He's Great.

Thanks again :)
I would like to say a big thank you to my driving instructor Ryan Snaith for getting me through my test.
Fantastic instructor very patient, I started with no expereince at all and he made me feel really comfortable. Would definitley recommend to others.

Thanks again :)
I passed my test first time last autumn having never driven before my lessons started in July. My instructor, Ryan, was brilliant - he made me feel completely at ease and boosted my confidence when it was needed. I would absolutely recommend Shire Oak to any total beginner or anyone who needs to pass the test in a relatively short period of time.
I would like to say a big thank you my driving Instructor Agron was fantastic, I passed my second time after been with him for only 3 months. My brother will be using him when he's ready to start. I would recommend them 100%