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I would just like to say a massive thanks to micheal, great instructor, and great guy. He helped me stay calm and pass on my secound attempt. I still cant believe i passed. Massive Thank You :)
A huge thanks to Godfrey Tucker.i passed first time wit three minors.
all thanks to you. keep up the great learning! and thanks again.it was a pleasure to learn with you.
stacey x
Many thanks to Richard Heyes, who has been a great instructor, patient and empowering. He made learning to drive into a pleasant and rewarding experience for me.
It has been a real pleasure driving with my instructor,Godfrey,who was a god sent for me.I started as a very amature driver to a very focused and confident driver, all because of him.He is very calm and cool and at the same time does not hesitate to point your mistakes,all in a very positive way.I highly reccommend him to any one who wants to learn their driving.I passed my test and really thankful to him.
I passed my driving test first time today thanks to the excellent teaching i received from Godfrey Tucker he is very patient and a pleasure to learn to drive with if you are considering driving choose him i will now able to get about better and take my own children out instead of getting a lift all the time he is ace once again thank you so much Godfrey.
I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Godfrey for helping me overcome my anxiety about driving and getting me through my test first time!!! Still can't quite believe it!!!! I wasn't looking forward to learning at all, but decided it was time to bite the bullet. Godfrey is an excellent instructor and put me at ease straight away- he's very calm and patient, and gives great encouragement which really built my confidence. He's also keen to make sure you learn driving skills for life, not just to get you through a test. I amazed myself and really enjoyed my lessons. I would recommend Godfrey Tucker to anyone- thanks so much for everything!!!!
I had really hardworking Instructor Mark. He is best. I could n `t drive at all and in 2 weeks I was driving on road.How cool is that. If you need fully helpful instructor he will help you to pass sooner than you think.:)
I passed a couple of years ago with Andrew Bancroft. had hours of lessons previously with various schools and had a bit of a runaroound. went out on one lesson for him to get a feel of where i was at, we did that then booked lessons to suit and i passed first time within 4 weeks.
after trying a lot of other firms i can, hand on heart, say you must go with these.
Hi and Thanks. Passed my driving test first time.....Ryan was a great driving instructor....passed on Tuesday...still can`t believe it!!! Sean
I would like to give great thanks to Andrew Bancroft for helping me pass my test 3rd time round with only 3 minor faults! I was feeling very nervous to start up driving again but andrew was very supportive, explains things clearly with lots of patience. I could not ask for a better driving instructor. I would highly recommend Andrew and Shire Oak Driving School. Thankyou so much!!
My son and I both passed our tests 1st time thanks to Godfrey Tucker's fantastic approach to teaching. He is patient and encouraging, he knows how to calm nerves and build confidence. And not only is he a great instructor, he's also a proper lovely man. I cannot thank him enough :-)
Hi lee,

Just want to say i passed my test first time today. Thanks to graham he is an amazing instructor makes everything so clear and makes you feel calm and relaxed. I started with graham after you put me in touch with him roughly 4 weeks ago on a semi-intensive course. I will be recommending graham and shireoak to all my friends and family. Going to miss driving with him. But thank you ever so much graham keep doing what you do :)
Lou x
Just want to say thankyou so much for all your help in getting me through my intensive course and test - never thought i`d be able to learn and pass so quickly, and first time as well! For anyone who wants to learn quickly, i can assure you Graham Watson will get you there! I had no experience at all, but i found he explains everything so clearly and makes the most challenging things easy to understand and perform. And he must be the most patient man in britain to have put up with my panicking! I can`t reccomend him enough!
Thanks again Graham for all your help, and i will be recommending Shire Oak to all my friends!

I`m absolutely made up to have passed first time!

Kate Haywood
After having driving lessons in the past and not being successful in my attempts to learn to drive I decided it was time I overcame my dread and pass my driving test. Charlotte Payne was my instructor and working with her was an absolute pleasure. She was totally relaxed and patient I never felt silly or under pressure at any point. Charlotte is clear and concise in her instruction yet manages to make it light and, dare I say it, fun! I cannot recommend her highly enough - especially if you have had negative experiences in previous driving lessons. I passed first time after having two two-hour lessons a week for seven weeks and I put it all down to the confidence she instilled in me. Charlotte is a total legend and has really opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you so much!
After failing 7 tests and having a five year break I thought I would never drive. I started a three week semi intensive driving course with Terry Holmes. Terry is fantastic, he is very good at picking up on where you are going wrong, very patient and he is a great singer! I passed my test first time with Terry with 6 minors, I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Terry for all you help.
Passed first time! From start to finish my experience with Shire Oak was great. Godfrey was a fantastic instructor, was passed within 3 months. My fiance is using him in the next few months to start her lessons and I would recommend to anyone who is looking to start lessons.
I am extremely grateful to Anthony Moore who was my driving instructor with Shire Oak. I had previously taken lessons before with another local driving school which in comparison did not offer the quality service provided by Shire Oak. Anthony was patient and calm, teaching me not only to pass the test but general driving tips which can be applied to all cars upon passing. He was very flexible with lessons as I was only able to take weekend lessons and boosted my confidence in driving. His chatty nature made lessons enjoyable for me and I no longer dread driving! Top guy!
I had Terry Holmes as my driving instructor and passed my test second time with 3 minors. When i started learning to drive, i had no confidence on the road and often panicked when things didn`t go as i planned but Terry was very patient and reassuring. He helped build my confidence and made lessons enjoyable and stimulating. I woudl recommend Terry to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thankyou Terry!!!
I had been learning to drive since i was 17, and am now 25. Frustrated, i found "Shire Oak" and after a friendly and very informative phone call, was booked in with Graham Watson. Initially i was very nervous due to bad previous experiences, but after an assessment lesson was very pleasantly surprised! Graham was easy going, kind and always calm. He walked me through my first 2 hours with ease, and i came away with a whole bucketload of confidence. In short, i learnt how to drive in a way that will last a lifetime. Graham was friendly to the end, friendly and generous with a great sense of humour. When it came to my test, Graham was reassuring and kind, yet helped me gain crucial focus on the day which led to my pass. I`d recommend Graham to anyone, ready for test or not. Thanks!!
My driving istructror Godfrey Tucker,the most loveliest patient and experienced driving instructor i have ever met. From my previous experiences,i have had instructors that have made me very upset. Now Godfrey, with him i only had a few tears and that was when i had passed. Godfrey has always told me to remain positive. every lesson Godfrey would take me to a new route and practice each skill required for the test. I have been learning to drive for upto nearly 3 years and finally found success with the support from an instructor like Godfrey. Cheerful and helpful as always. i will always be thankful to you for helping me to get a pass, and also for making every lesson fun and insightful. I can't stress what an important key you have been in my life for me to achieve this lifetime skill.S.S
I started learning with Andrew Bancroft at the start of August and passed my test on 27th September. I wasn't totally confident going into this process but by the time my test had come around that had changed due to Andrew's excellent teaching. I looked at a number of intensive courses and found it quite difficult to choose but after discussing my situation with Shire Oak we put together a plan which meant I had 90 mins driving a day for 10 days and then 2 one hour lessons a week once the initial part was out of the way. I can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks!
I have had two different instructors with Shire Oak, both of whom were excellent at making me feel at ease despite my initial anxiety about driving, and filling me with confidence. They were full of helpful and practical tips which over time helped me to develop my awareness on the road and start to trust my own judgement more. I passed on my first attempt with Simon Waddington and would highly recommend both him and Shire Oak. I needed to learn over the summer in order to have a car for when I started my job; I achieved my goal because of the expert tuition I received and am relishing the independence and opportunities this has given me!
My instructor was Ryan. I passed second time. I failed the first time due to my mistake. I just wanted to let you know Ryan is an awesome instructor and a credit to your company. I would reccomend him to anyone wanting to drive a car. Please pass this onto him. He is an absolute star. Thankyou Shire Oak for everything you have done for me.
Hey, I started my lessons in February with Ryan. Fantastic guy. Passed my test last month. When I first started with Ryan I couldn't even set off without stalling and now I am driving a car everywhere. He can tell when you are nervous and read a mistake before you are about to do it and goes out of his way to help you overcome the nerves. I can't thank Ryan and Shire Oak enough for everything they have done to me. If anyone is looking to start driving I 1000% recommend Ryan. I was terrified before my first lesson but as soon as you are in car with him, you feel calm.
I would like to thank my instructor,Terry Holmes for his excellent driving tuition. I started taking lessons in january this year with no confidence on the road at all. Terry`s teaching helped me to relax and learn very quickly. Within a few weeks i was driving with confidence and belief in my driving. I passed my driving test on 22nd of June and would again like to thank Terry for his top draw tuition.
Yours gratefully, Shaun Haley
Thanks to the school and personally to Kevin, I was able to become a confident and conscious driver (I hope ;)). Kevin's persistence in every single aspect of the driving process helped me to feel the control of the car, to get used to left-hand roads (that is not that easy after having lived most of my life in Ukraine, a right-hand driving country) and to understand the whole logic of road traffic... and to pass both theory and practice tests from the first attempt. His perfect sense of humour is also worth mentioning :).
one word for my driving instructor andrew.............FANTASTIC. i passed first time on 20th may and i owe it to my instructor. could not of asked for a better person to learn me to drive. he was so calm and had patience which is a key factor when your learning and are a bag of nerves. i would highly recommend this company. i passed after just 29 hours too which i think says it all about my instructor. so a big thank you from mandy.
Passed first time! I had Mark as my driving instructor. I was very impressed with him, he was very patient and encouraging. Despite moving further away towards the end of my driving lessons (having to get a train to meet him!) I decided that he was such a good instructor I would stick with him, which clearly paid off! He also passed my brother after a few weeks who had failed five times with other driving schools. I would definatly recommend Shire Oak Driving School to anyone. Thanks Mark!
I write this as so many instructor's are not commended on their skill and support shown throughout the journey of learning to drive. Right from the beginning Terry's communication was exceptional and he was able to meet my needs while being flexible around my shifts at work.From the start nerves affected me and Terry was extremely patient and understanding while at the same time enabling me to reach realistic targets. He explained all driving methods thoroughly while making me feel at ease and ensuring it was a fun experience. When it was time to take my test Terry ensured that i was up to test standard, covered all areas i was unsure on which made me feel confident in my ability and i passed my driving test with few errors. I would like to thank Terry for his patience and dedication.
Great instuctor passed first time.
I decided it was about time to start driving after many years of putting it off. I used another company before where the instructor was to be polite a idiot. So i decided to move on to a new firm where i was recommended Godfrey. Very glad i did move on. Godfrey provided a easy going environment to learn in, my cofidence behind the wheel improved to a point i think i could take on Jensen Button now. lol
I past first time without too many lessons. Definitely Godfrey to anybody looking for a instructor.
Cheers G
I really enjoyed my time with Godfrey, I was a beginner who got his number through my sister. From day one Godfrey helped me with my nerves, always turned up on time if not before, and he taught me to drive. We always discussed my progress and made a plan before each lesson about what we would do that day. He would ask me what i felt i needed more practice on and we would work on those things. I'm pleased with what i have got out of it and how it all went. I have now passed my test after Godfrey getting me through it all, Thank you!
I Contacted Shireoaks after seeing their cars driving around Leeds. To be honest, I'm very glad I did. Terry Holmes was my 3rd driving instructor, and by far the best, hence the reason I passed whilst under his tuition. Firm, but encouraging, his friendly and professional way of tutoring put me at ease, and gave me confidence that I would pass from the moment I sat in his car.
Having started and stopped driving lessons with different instructors over recent years, it was becoming a running joke with family and friends that I would never learn to drive. It was with huge satisfaction to have recently passed first time following superb instruction from Terry Holmes. I would recommend Terry to anyone wishing to learn to drive at any stage and any age. His patient, considered and helpful instruction gave me the confidence to put his pointers into practice and become a competent driver. The enjoyable, tailored lessons geared towards gradually enhancing the weaker aspects of my driving and providing a greater understanding of the wider driving experience.
Hi Everyone

What a fantastic company, I have not passed my test yet but I have had 20 hours with Andrew from Shire and I can't sing his praises enough. I have been driving on and off for 5 years and had five different instructors. Andrew is the best, calm, funny, patient and a great car to drive in. I have my test booked for Monday at harehills and I wouldn't have even got this far without Andrews help, so thank you!! xxx
After stopping and starting my driving lessons numerous times due to time and financial constraints, I decided to contact Shire Oak. I got a helpful response and undertook my lessons with Godfrey Tucker. He was calm, patient and an encouarging instructor. His sense of humor made me feel at ease and in turn my confidence grew with each lesson. The systematic process he taught me of talking through my manoeuvre helped me greatly (I aced my most disliked manoeuvre, reverse round the corner due to this). I passed my test first time with much determination and positive encouragement from Godfrey. He taught me the skills to be a competent driver and not just to be able to pass my test. I would definitely recommend him as an instructor and will be undertaking my pass plus certificate with him.
Godfrey Tucker - brilliant instructor, passed my test first time.

He gave me honest and thoughtful advise and taught me to drive. He made the lesson plans to suit me rather than trying to make me learn all the manoeuvres in one go, he spread them out over the course of my lessons and it helped very much. I personally recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive and I can not wait to do my pass plus course with him when I can afford it.

Thank you very much G
I started driving lessons in April as a complete beginner. I was beyond nervous and the thought of driving terrified me but thanks to Terry I have recently passed, something I never thought Id do! He was also patient and calm which helped me to gain not only the skills but more importantly the confidence and self belief I needed to drive. I even managed to learn the art of breathing while driving! I would recommend him to anyone wanting lessons as if he could get me driving then he can help anyone!
I began driving with Anthony Moore when i was pregnant with my second child, as a needs must excercise after failing my driving test ten years ago and seriously falling out with driving. Anthony was brilliant and restored my confidence in driving in no time. His straight, honest approach brought me on leaps and bounds. Anthony estimated that i would need 12 lessons before i was ready for my test and i had 15. I cannot empthasise enough how good an instructor he is. He taught me to drive not how to pass my test.
I first meet Terry when I took up driving lessons after a couple off months off. I had been learning to drive for 2 years up to till then. I was a very nervous driver and hate any tests. I failed numerous driving tests due to this. Terry made me a very confident driver by being very patient and calmed my nerves.I had only been learning to drive with Terry for eights months when I passed my test as I didn't want to put in for my test again for the fear of failing again. Terry persuded my to put in for my test and I passed!
I am so grateful to Terry for his time and patients with me and would recommend him to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive or suffers with nerves as he puts you at ease. Thanks Terry. Milena Partington, Leeds
I tried a couple of other instructors before Terry. One of them was just
in it for the money and the other couldn't teach. So after failing 3
driving tests, I asked my 'just passed' cousin to let me have his
Instructor's details. Other instructors taught me the basics, but Terry
taught me what I needed to pass. I passed 1st time with Terry. Thanks
Terry was my instructor. He was very patient and helpful!!! Thanks to him I passed my practical test on the first time.
Thank you Terry!

After having a negative time with a number of different driving instructors who had taught me, I thought that this was the way it had to be and that it would not change. However, when Terry started to teach me to drive again it was a very different experience and every lesson was very positive and helpful. I can honestly say that after passing my test, I feel confident and a lot more assured with the knowledge that I have been given. I would definitely recommend Terry as a driving instructor as he does not waste time or money like many instructors that I have come across. The information that is given is clear and concise and every new lesson that I took, I found that I was improving each time.
I started driving lessons six years ago, and tried three different driving instructors before I began lessons with Terry Holmes. By the time I began lessons with Terry, my confidence was at an all-time low. I thought I would NEVER learn to drive, and I was an absolute nervous-wreck when I got behind the wheel. However I was desperate to learn to drive.Right away Terry put me at ease and I felt able to confide my problems and insecurities regarding driving to him. After a few lessons, I could feel my confidence increase and I began to actually enjoy driving! I began my lessons with Terry in September 2009 and in April 2010 I passed my test first time with only three minors!! I would recommend Terry Holmes to ANYONE wanting to learn how to drive, as he is patient and totally professional.