Essential Information


The purpose of this information is to educate you as to changes within the driver training industry that have developed over the last few years.


Shire Oak Driving School has now been providing providing learner drivers with the best driving tuition in the area for over 20 years. For us to provide this service over the years we have invested greatly in training our own driving instructors through our own in-house instructor trainers, quite importantly on a one to one basis; as well as providing regular ongoing training and development.


This has ensured that all training we have, and always will provide, is of the highest of standards and more importantly teaches learners how to drive properly, safely, confidently and competently. Due to our training methods and techniques our learners tend to reach a higher, safer test standard in a less than normal number of hours training. In addition we also provide an excellent learning to drive DVD which greatly assists a learner and even saves the number of lessons required.


We would like to educate the public and potential learners that over the last several years there has been a vast influx of poorly trained driving instructors, often not even fully qualified and flooding the driver training market. These have predominantly come from mass media generated ‘instructor training courses’ that reap high profit from training, but in reality provide minimal, bulk and poor training. Due to the high influx of these ‘new instructors’ there are many trying to generate some learners from providing very cheap driving lessons. We simply want you to be careful and beware of some of these gimicky type promotions and remind you of that old principal ‘you get what you pay for’!!


We, at Shire Oak, have campaigned to the Driving Standards Agency, and the Governments` Minister for Transport, along with several other well established quality driving schools, to control this and be careful that road safety issues will ultimately suffer the consequence.


We therefore urge you to decide carefully which driving school you will choose for training you and suggest that you go with the well established schools that have gained the reputation for providing the right service and tuition, like us at Shire Oak, even if it costs £1 or £2 more.


If you would like any further information on any of this, to discuss further, or to book your tuition please do not hesitate to call or email us.


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