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"Agron Thaci, what can i say...the man is pure genius! Absent from driving for 9 years i was petrified but learning new things was made easy with Agron"

Carren James


"A big thankyou to Joe Trapnell who gave me lots of guidance and laughs in my lessons. I passed first time thanks to his thorough and helpful approach!"



"I would like to say a big thankyou to Charlotte...She`s very patient and very clear of what to do when learning. Thakyou for making lessons feel fun and at ease. I would highly recommend Charlotte"

Sarah Needham


"Had Graham for Pontefract Test Centre. Absolutley fabulous instructor, passed first time 0 minors!"

James M


"I would definitely recommend Anhtony Moore. I passed my test First Time thanks to him. Not only was he a brilliant teacher, he was easy to get along with and always made me feel relaxed and confident, If you`re thinking about learning to drive, Anthony is the person you want to teach you!"

Beth Wilson


"I passed after lessons with Andrew Bancroft. Passed 1st time, very chuffed with myself when i did. Very patient and really nice guy. Highly recommended"

Jenny Busfield


"I passed my test 1st time - what an excellent instructor Mark Haigh is! I genuinely enjoyed all my lessons....he was always in a great mood, highly preofessional"

Fran Dolata


"Just want to say massive thanks to Jon Jones for helping me pass with only 3 minors. Patience os a saint! Definitely recommend to anyone thinking about doing their driving lessons - he`s a great Instructor"



"I`d just like to say a big thanks to Ryan Snaith for getting me through my test 1st time. He has handy hints that makes things simple and he`s very patient. I would recommend Ryan and Shire Oak"

Michelle McKeon


"Just want to say a big thanks to Anthony Moore who helped me pass my test First Time with 2 minors. Great instructor who teaches handy techniques. Recommend him to anyone"

Tom Underwood


"Big thankyou to Ryan Snaith for getting me confident towards my test. He`s a fantastic instructor who`s very patient, and made me feel really comfortable. Would defoz recommend Ryan to others. He`s great!"

Shereen Akhtar


"I would like to say a big thankyou to Agron who was fantastic. I passed with him, and my brother will be using him. I would recommend them 100%"

Travis Kelly


" Many Thanks to Richard Heyes, who has been a great instructor, patient and empowering. He made learning to drive into a pleasant and rewarding experience for me"



"I would like to say a big thankyou to Ryan Snaith for getting me through my test. Fantastic Instructor, very patient. I started with no experience at all and he made me feel really comfortable. Would definitely recommend to others"

Leanne Richards 

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New Driving Test 2017 - All You Need to Know

Posted on 10th October, 2017

The Driving Test is changing. From 4th December 2017, all car driving tests will follow a new format, which has been introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to combat high numbers of fatal accidents involving young people.


In the new format the cost, pass mark, and overall length of the driving test will remain the same, but some major changes to the manouveres and independent driving section are being made.


Independent Driving part of the test will double in length - Learner drivers will have to proved they can safely use sat navs. Currently this part of the test, where the driver follows turn-by-turn instructions, last about 10 minutes. This is being increased to 20 minutes, taking up roughly half the test.


During the independent driving part of the test, most candidates will now have to follow directions from a sat nav, which is being provided by and set up by the examiner. It won`t actually matter if you make a wrong turn, as lomg as you don`t make a fault while doing it, and candidates can ask the examiner for confirmation of where they are going if they are not sure.


Not all tests will use a sat nav; one in five driving tests won`t, and drivers will be asked to follow traffic signs instead.


Manouveres will be changed - The reverse around a corner and turn-in-the-road manouveres will no longer be tested. Candidates will be asked to do one of three possible manouveres;


- Parallel park at the side of the road

- Park in a bay - either driving in and reversing out, or reversing in and driving out (the examiner will tell you which you have to do)

- Pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for 2 car lengths and rejoin traffic


Answering vehicle safety question whilst driving - One vehicle safety question will be asked while the car is in motion. The examiner will ask the candidate two vehicle safety questions, one while they are driving. Currently both questions are asked before the test.


The "tell me" question, where the candidate explains how they would carry out a safety task, will be asked before the driving starts.


The "show me" question, where the candidiate shows the examiner how they would carry out a safety task, will be asked while they are driving. For example, this could include showing how to wash the windscreen using the car controls and wipers.


All car driving tests taken from 4th Decembver 2017 will follow the new format. This includes if you fail a test before this date, and retake your test from the same date, or if your test is cancelled or moved for any reason, and your new test date is from December 4th 2017.  

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